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ZS4 Launch! Check It

Zero Strategist 4.0

The next evolution of Zero Strategist is here!

Version 4.0 (ZS4) is the fourth iteration of our identity and social web presence in about as many years, and our agile response to how quickly the social brandscape has changed during the past year or two. We’re especially proud of our new core identity symbol for ZS4 (below). What do you think?

ZS 4.0 Symbol

To say that building Zero Strategist has been a wild ride is only the beginning of the story of ZS, a story we’ll share over with readers here on Zero Blog over time. In keeping with our desire to engage with our readers and to share our content freely, we have a new blog tagline, too: “ENGAGE & SHARE”

We also now offer hyper-focused strategy services plus are exploring product ideas and strategies for a few hand-picked startups currently spinning up in PDX.

Here is what has not changed – our passion to create digital strategies that achieve real business goals.

Welcome to ZS4. Take a look around, make yourself comfortable, and join us in expertly navigating the digital forest. Here’s to the success of your journey and ours!

Pardon our RSS: A note to a few hardcore ZS RSS subscribers – we will be porting old legacy blogs that remain relevant to ZS4 site over the weekend. Of course you will only care about this if you count yourself among the few elite geeks who still use RSS!

We’ve been really busy working on ZS 4.0 and can’t wait to share what we have been working on with you! 😉

We’re Moderating The Crowd Funding Jam At Barcamp Portland 6

Come On Out, Learn Crowdfunding and Get Your Game On

BarCamp Portland 6 is rapidly approaching as the PDX tech event season continues to wind up. We’ve attended and led discussions at many unconferences spanning both coasts over the years. This year ZS volunteered to help facilitate the crowd funding jam (Indie Video Game Showcase and Crowd Funding Jam) featured event at BarCamp Portland 2012. This year we felt donating our time and expertise was a better way for us to contribute to the community.

BarCamp Portland

If you work in the Portland tech scene or in other community driven initiatives in PDX and don’t know about BarCamp Portland, you should! This BarCamp is being organized by Stumptown Syndicate (the amazing people who put together other cool events such as Open Source Bridge, Ignite, etc). This event is entirely run on donations and sponsorships, so consider pitching when you get your ticket, or becoming a sponsor if you’re going to attend.

Event Information

Date: March 30th, 6:30-9pm during the opening evening of barcamp
Location: Eliot Center, 1226 SW Salmon St, Portland, OR 97205
Featured Event Info: An exploration of the creativity of Portland’s indie game developers and how to develop a crowdfunding project.

ZS Launches Social Media Users Group

Attend, Learn, and Share Social Media on PDX

Today Zero Strategist is giving PDX a special Valentines Day present! Portland is the home of hundreds of user groups that bring together community around many different passions, topics and technologies. User Groups are awesome because they promote peer-to-peer learning, community organization, skill sharing and real world convergence. We are proud to announce that we are organizing the launch of the Social Media Users Group. To find out more details and learn how you can get involved click the logo:

Social Media Users Group

Zero Strategist Featured in Oregon Business

We’re Making The News

Oregon Business ran an article called “Boutique social media firms carve a market niche” on the rise of social media focused digital marketing agencies in Portland Oregon. Zero Strategist was interviewed by reporter Ron Knox at it’s headquarters (cooperative coworking space Collective Agency) in downtown PDX and then was featured in the article here.

Zero Strategist Featured In Oregon Business Social Media Article

We want to thank Ron Knox for taking the time interview several different agencies, writing an accurate and quality article. Ron asked some challenging and engaging questions while investigating the PDX social media agency scene. One of the things he asked was what is the “why” of PDX social media agencies? Basically, what Ron was trying to get at was – what is the value add or benefit of a business going with a smaller or social media focused digital agency?

10 Reasons Why Oregon Businesses Choose Boutique Social Media Focused Digital Agencies:

  • Price point to value add
  • Agility
  • Customer experience and responsiveness
  • Solution customization
  • Vertical focus on specific market niches (nonprofit, law, small business, government, etc.)
  • Innovation and ideation (different technologies, different ideas, etc.)
  • Multiple approaches (difference in strategies)
  • Combining social media with other digital services (SEO, design, identity, training etc.)
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Ethics, sustainability and green technology

If you have a any other reasons why you chose a smaller social media focused Portland agency or creative firm, feel free to leave comments.